About - JasmineTeaDesigns

Diana Miglionico-Shiraishi owner of Jasmine Tea Designs

Diana Miglionico-Shiraishi began her creative life as a floral designer for her mother’s flower shop, where color, texture and design remained an inspiration into jewelry making. Her travels led her to Japan where she discovered the art of kumihimo, the “gathering of threads” that so clearly brings all her skills together in this ancient technique. Diana’s Jasmine Tea Designs Etsy shop fulfills her vision for an intimate boutique of handcrafted beaded kumihimo jewelry, ideas to inspire, along with kumihimo supplies, so you can do the same. Her designs reflect the inspiration she finds in nature, art, and memories from her childhood.
In January 2016 Diana was invited to join The BeadSmith Inspiration Squad, a carefully selected unit of highly trained and lethally talented bead artists from around the world who want nothing more than to inspire you to beading greatness!

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