Diana Miglionico-Shiraishi Class Date: Friday, October 26th

Create this partially beaded kumihimo necklace while learning the movement sequences of yatsu-kongoh gumi (8 strand Z spiral braid) and dropping beads to a counted bead design. You will also learn how to add focal beads and embellishments by removing your unfinished design from the disk and putting it back on the disk to completion. In addition you will be able to size this necklace to your own specifications.

Kit: $75.00, includes special edition 9 piece Golem Design Studio set made exclusively for Jasmine Tea Designs, Toho 6mm hybrid opaque luster beads., C-Lon Tex 400, Antique brass end cap set with 2 inch extender.

Equipment provided by student: Bead Mat, Task Light, Measuring Tape, Pointed Tweezer, Bead Scoop, Bead Counter, Scissors

Supply list: Complete list provided in September

Skill Level: For ease of learning you should have experience braiding an 8 strand z-spiral kongoh gumi design. Experience dropping beads is required, and experience in loading your disk for 8 strand z-spiral kongoh gumi. This class requires you to focus on counting your movements for the beads to be dropped in the correct position.